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How to get back your Instagram account if deleted or banned or forget password


How to get back your Instagram account if deleted or banned or forget password

How to get back your Instagram account if deleted or banned or forget password 

Today we will learn about the easiest way to recover an account

Instagram is blocked or deleted, as I will explain its method

Plain and simple

It will enable you to recover your lost or suspended account

Deleted, by the Instagram company and through support

of Instagram

Where I will leave the link used in the explanation, in

The end of this article, but at the beginning I would like to explain about

How to know if your account has been deleted or banned

Because there is a difference in dealing with these accounts, and the account

Deleted is more difficult, how to retrieve it from

Established account

In order to distinguish between these two accounts, you must go to the application

Instagram, then enter the login interface, then

Click to get more help

Which you will find below the two fields designated for the name

User (user) and password, after you click

on her

You will be redirected to another interface, containing a box

Empty to write the username (User) of your account

The item or the ban

After you type in the user and click follow, it will appear

In front of you is written in red, which is (the user does not exist)

This means that the account is deleted

And the percentage of recovering this account is very weak, but if it appears

You have the account name, but without a photo, this means that

The account is not deleted, but an item

In order to recover the deleted account or the item

You have to go to the help center, through the link

located at the end of this article

After you open the link, you will find a question, he tells you

Is this account a business, a product, or a service?

Answer the question, yes or no, below

The question, depending on the quality of your account, must be the answer


After you click on No if your account is personal

Other boxes will be opened for you, the first is to write the name

full account

It must be written correctly, and the second is to write the link

for your account, and you can copy any link and exchange the user

located in the link with your account user

And the third field is to write the linked e-mail

With your deleted or itemized account, and in case you forgot the mail


You can write another mail, but provided that it is effective and available

On your phone, because they will communicate with you through it

In the fourth field, write the country in which you currently reside

If Iraq, Egypt or any other country, after you do

Write this information correctly

Click send, then wait, you will receive an e-mail

The one you sent to them contains a 6-digit code

letters or 5

And with him instructions that must be followed, which is to take a picture

Selfie, with a white paper containing the full name of the account

With the username and code that was sent to you via e-mail

After you send the picture to them, your account will be verified

And they will reply to you as soon as possible, if done

Ensure that this account is yours

support link for Instagram


See you next time